No One Told Me That…


“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness – and call it love – true love.” ~ Robert Fulghum, True Love

Why is it that nothing is as we think it is? Ah…such is life. Life is weird. People are weird. It’s true. I am always interested in hearing about things women thought they knew but realized they were wrong. It’s very normal for me. Nothing turns out the way I thought it would. But I was interested in hearing from you!

–Marriage– –Pregnancy & Childbirth–  –Raising Kids– and –Running a Household–

        What did other women say when I asked them what they didn’t know and what no one told them about the topics above when they embarked on this journey? Check out some of the comments!

You mean my kitchen cupboards aren’t already stocked with food when we get home from the honeymoon? I have to make that happen? Ridiculous!


No one told me that a man can snore loud enough to wake you out of a dead sleep…

No one told me that he would want dinner. Every night. For the rest of my life. I mean, our Moms did that for us- but it just doesn’t register!

No one told me it was possible to love a man sooooo much, yet still want to beat him to death with a stick.

No one told me that I would want to march down to his job when he doesn’t get the promotion and let them know exactly how wrong they are and what they’re missing out on.

Grocery shopping! It seemed so glamorous when I was a kid! And the cost of groceries? I remember the look on my husband’s face when I told him I mostly ate macaroni and cheese with tuna in it because it was cheap. He lived at home with Mom until we were married and expected these meals that I had No. Idea. How. To. Cook.


You really don’t get your body fully back after delivery.

The kid always has a blowout when you forget the diaper bag.

Kid’s poop can be a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

You will talk about poop like it’s a normal everyday thing…


I didn’t know that others moms don’t have it all together.  – Kate

After being in labor for over 12 hours

After being in labor for over 12 hours

I thought I’d make my own list. Here’s what I came up with.

I didn’t know that sharing the bathroom with someone else would be so easy. …and so difficult.

I didn’t know that budgets were actually important.

I didn’t know that being nervous to “let it all hang out” at the doctor was only temporary.

I didn’t know that bedtime would be my favorite part of the day.

I didn’t know that I was so much like my parents.

I didn’t know that they would want three meals a day…sometimes more.

I didn’t know that I could love someone so much and still be so angry with them.

I didn’t know I would have to deal with someone’s bowel movements over and over again sometimes many in one day.

I didn’t know I would be so tired.

I didn’t know stuff could come out of both ends…at the same time.

I didn’t know moms were human.

I didn’t know that what I eat is actually important.

I didn’t know know that I would have to clean the same room 4000 times in one day.

I didn’t know I could love someone so much.

I didn’t know that my greatest desire would be for them to grow, prosper, and live for God.

I didn’t know I would have to relearn everything I thought I already knew.

I didn’t know it would be so difficult.

I didn’t know I would learn to want so little and yet receive so much.

I didn’t know life could be so messy.

What would you add to our list?

No matter what we didn’t know, life is a gift and everything (and everyone!) that God puts in our lives is important and a blessing. And just because life is messy doesn’t mean we can’t laugh our way through. Laugh at the weird things (and weird ones!) in your life and enjoy every minute.