What I Want Them to Know (Plus Bonus Post: Our Summer Bucket List)

The fam. 20132.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I tend to post when I have time. Sometimes it’s every day, sometimes it’s only once or twice a week. It’s how we roll here…nothing is ever expected, normal, or as planned.

With that said, I am a planner at my core…and I like to plan ahead even though I know the plan will probably not happen as it should. Ah…such is life.

Before I get to our “plan”, I found this article the other day and it really inspired me to write down some things I want my kids to know about me. So I did it! Check out my list:


As I wrote this post, I thought of a few more:

21.) I don’t want you to be like me because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.

22.) I love the funny things you say and do.

23.) You are growing and learning so quickly. I am proud of you.

24.) Nothing you do will change the way I see you.

25.) God’s love is free and so is mine. You never have to earn my love or favor.

My kids are young right now, but I know in the future, I will have many opportunities to share these facts with them. After all, how will they know what to get me for mother’s day (a coupon for my favorite coffe shop, of course!)? And how will they know my true intentions in every situation… unless I tell them?

I really liked this idea…it’s fun, but it also tells my kids about their mom. It opens communication, it is honest and real. How many times are we completely honest and real with our kids? Motherhood is hard…but loving our kids doesn’t have to be. Being open with them (as with any relationship) is the key to success. Do you love your kids enough to be real with them?

I encourage you to make a list for your kids and when your kids are old enough, have them make one too.


Photo by Alsal Photography

So summer is finally here! I hope you are as excited as I am. As I was thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this summer, I realized I should write it all down so that we can check off items as we accomplish them. Hence the Summer Bucket List.

summerbucketlist2Photos courtesy of picmonkey.com

So far, we’ve already picked strawberries and planted our garden. We also hope to go to our local farmer’s market this weekend. 🙂

So What does your summer look like? Do you have a list?