Real Food Rules!


Photo by © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography

Many people have their own idea of what a good diet is. I’m sure it’s different for everyone and that’s fine. Today, I’d like to share a little about the things we’ve been learning about food.

I recently came across this article by The Frugal Girl. Kristen (Aka: The Frugal Girl) writes about a book the helps define certain rules of a real food diet. She shares several of the rules such as:

#10 Avoid foods that are pretending to be something that they’re not.

#13 Eat only food that will eventually rot.

For us, we are certainly not perfect in this area. At. All. But we have changed our diet pretty drastically in the last few months.

Our “rules” before? Anything goes.

Now we have some rules that we try to follow most of the time.

Real Food Rules

#1. Anything created by God for human consumption is probably good for you.

#2. Make as much food at home as you can. Eating homemade food, even some meals that might not be great for you are still better than buying pre-made food at the store.

#3. Remove processed foods from the diet. Anything from canned soups to breakfast cereals. We try to avoid foods full of chemicals, MSG, dyes and foods that are highly processed.


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#4.Watch your oils. We’ve nixed vegetable oils, canola oils, soybean oils, and the like from our pantry. Hydrogenated oils are no good! Use stronger fats like butter, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil for high temp cooking and sunflower oil for non-cooking uses.

#5. Eat good dairy. Yogurt, kefir, butter. These are full of gut-healing bacteria and are super for the digestion. They are also good fats which keep you full and help you fight fat too. If you are allergic to dairy, try using full fat coconut milk instead.

#6. Ferment veggies & beverages and soak grains. We don’t do this as often as we should, but like I said, we are still learning. Soaked grains are broken down and the harmful anti-nutrients are neutralized making these difficult to digest foods good for you and easier to process in the body. Fermented veggies are full of gut-healing bacteria too.

#7. Ditch the soda.


Photo by © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography

There is definitely more to it, but those are the basics.

What does a good diet consist of in your house? Do you follow a certain diet or is it anything and everything?


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